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Left Hand Wired Keyboard WK-120


Left Hand Wired Keyboard WK-120

      Left-hander keyboard is the first keyboard with both arrow and number keys are all on the left side in China. It could help designers of CAD, BIM, cost budgeter, finance, administration and other professionals solve over fatigue problems when using right-hander keyboard input numbers, the right hand have to frequently switched between keyboard and mouse. Working efficiency could improve more than 20% through balancing the  operating frequency of left and right hand, left hand keyboard, right hand mouse is  a balanced and efficient way to work!



1. The commonly used punctuationin CAD and cost budget are also put on the left, such as the equal sign, comma, parentheses used in settlement, it’s very convenient with one key output. The“=”key upper the little space key on the left view as “=”key , press CTRL+“=”on the left comma comes out.

2. Parenthesis function on the arrow key:

    Left CTRL+“→”, a() comes out, it’s very convenient to output a complete parenthesis when accounting.

    Left CTRL+“↓”, a{ } comes out, left CTRL+“←”a [ ]  comes out.

    Left CTRL+“↑”,a comes out in Chinese input method, a < > comes out in English input method.

    Key press order: First press the left CTRL, then press the arrow key, first loose the arrow key, then loose the CTRL, otherwise it may cause jumping, the parenthesis maybe not on the cursor’s current position.

3.    The foreground and background colors are often used in PS. ALT+DEL is a  foreground color, and CTRL+DEL is a background color. A set of shortcut keys  is arranged on both left and right sides.

4. A small space key is added to the left. It is very convenient to use the left hand when editing the document, mailing, and group mailing.

5. Number lock key have been integrated on the right ALT in the small key board, and the number switch is realized through FN+ALT.

6. A backspace key / delete key is added to the left, and it is also set for the left hand operation. The upper right backspace key fits the inherent habit, avoiding the often wrong pressing in the trial version.

7. when browsing the web, if you feel very tired or not convenient to use the mouse to page. It is more convenient and quick to use the left hand to press the page key directly.

8. It’s also very convenient to use left hand to control arrow key when playing games or turning pages.

9. Use left hand to input the number on the left side is very convenient, no longer have to cross the hands, open modes of work is more efficient. In addition, the arrangement of the left numbers can be made into 123 arranged and 321 arranged versions according to needs. The people who used the trial version know that this function is very flexible, and one key only needs 10 seconds to complete the upgrade, which is more specialized and personalized.

10. Using the left-hander keyboard, the left hand can control 61 keys, when the task can completed by left hand, then leave the right hand  for the mouse. When using the left hand with keyboard, the right hand with mouse, the work efficiency is the best.

11.Multimedia function key: 

    FN+F1: Reserved advertising promotion keys    FN+F2:Home Page    


    FN+F4:Calculator              FN+F5:Music     FN+F6:Play/Pause

    FN+F7/F8:Up/down        FN+F9:Mute  

    FN+F10/F11:Volume decrease / increase

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